Home Loan Calculator Australia

The home loan calculator Australia include parameters that are specific to your country. When you are considering financing a home you really need to look closely at how much you can afford to spend as a monthly mortgage payment. There are many mortgage calculators online but you really need one that is targeted to Australian market.

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Input Parameters

This home loan calculator is quite easy to use. You simply enter the following parameters:

  • amount of the loan in dollars
  • expected interest rate and
  • term of the loan
You also have to choose the payment frequency, which, for most mortgages would be a monthly payment. The calculator does the rest and it even allow you to print or save the calculation results.


What is great about this loan calculator is that it offers you the opportunity to see the results in a number of formats. It gives you advanced results in the form of a graph. This graph shows you the amount of potential total interest and how much you will eventually repay.

There are the repayment schedules that show you from month to month how much you still owe. They tell the repayment amount, the amount of the repayment that will be applied to the principal. Even more you also will be able to view an annual schedule with the needed information spelled out for you for the years ahead.

Knowing what you might be expected to pay will help you to budget better. When you apply for a loan they will take into account your regular monthly debt as well as your income amounts. Your home loan calculator Australia will give you a way to include a possible loan payment in with the other bills you have to pay on a regular basis. This could be a way to figure out the maximum amount that you can reasonable expected to qualify for.


There are a number of factors that could affect your repayments and we have to make some assumptions to our calculation scenario:

  • You don't use rounding-up, you are paying exactly the amount of your repayment every time.
  • Interest rate is locked for the whole mortgage loan term.
  • You are not paying extra repayments of any form toward your loan balance.
Keeping those assumptions in mind you can be assured of getting quite accurate calculations each time. However, calculations may not be what you eventually end up paying but you get a figure close to what you will receive to work with.

DISCLAIMER: There is NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or it's applicability to your financial situation. Please consult your own financial advisor.

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