Additional Repayment Calculator

If you use the additional repayment calculator you will find out how it is possible to repay your loan faster. The calculator will help you to determine how your extra payment(s) will impact the life of the loan. This calculator will show you how making just one payment over what is expected can actually make a difference, whether you make a payment weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly payment.

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Many people are completely lost trying to do the math to calculate anything to do with their mortgage. Many would make extra payments but they want to understand how these payments will affect the loan through the years. The additional repayment calculator is designed to make this easier.

The calculator is easy to use and only requires that you input the information requested into the proper fields. The program does the calculations for you. As long as you know the following information you will get accurate results:

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Term of loan
  • Repayment frequency (how often will you make this extra payment)
  • How much is the additional payment

The program will produce schedules and graphs depicting how the payment impacts your loan. The advanced results show you how your payment schedule has been accelerated so that you know how much time you actually regain. Then you get schedules that show you month by month how much you are trimming off the interest and the principle plus how many years each payment shaves off the total life of the loan.

This is a calculator for borrowers who want amortization schedules or simply want to play with different figures to come to a decision about making an additional payment. It is unquestionably one of the best tools in the arsenal of mortgage calculators that we offer.


Lenders are often not as happy with your ability to come up with an extra payment. It is important that you contact your lender to see what types of penalties, if any, will be levied against you for early payment of the loan.

DISCLAIMER: There is NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or it's applicability to your financial situation. Please consult your own financial advisor.

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