AustralianMortgageCalculators is a set of
mortgage tools that helps you to convert
your web site visitors into qualified leads

Australian Mortgage Calculators Package

Contest ads produce low results? CPA is inefficient? Banner ads don’t work at all? Here’s a product that will help you to pick leads right from your website!

Australian mortgage calculators is a set of tools that lets your site visitors see and easily understand subtleties of financial calculations, which are usually hard to grasp for a layman.

Each calculator provides detailed calculation results, an animated graphical presentation of these results, and also repayment schedules. Thus, it helps your visitors to plan their expenses for many years ahead. But the most distinctive feature of our offer is that visitors can get calculation results in a PDF flyer after entering a small set of their data via a website form, which doesn’t take much time.

The PDF flyer is a win-win feature:

  • Australian mortgage calculators package will send you the data your visitors enter via your website form along with a copy of their PDF files.
  • The PDF files sent to your visitors will contain not only the calculation results, but also your contact information and a page with your ad.
Moreover, visitors can print out the files or share them with their friends or family members, which effectively increases your chances of attracting new customers.

The bottom line is, for a small monthly fee you are getting a powerful marketing tool — a mix of CPA and viral marketing, which adds useful information for your website visitors.

Are you interested? Then see our demo pages or make an order now!

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